Keynote Address
“Living Life to a “T”: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive in Your Circumstances”


Human beings are hard-wired to fight for survival. Faced with a life-threatening situation, adrenaline kicks in and allows us to perform extraordinary feats in order to stay alive. Without the adrenaline high, however, going through the motions of staying alive can become monotonous and boring. Society teaches us to look to material possessions, or even another person for our happiness, which feeds the victim mentality.

What if we instead begin to take control of our own circumstances and CHOOSE to do better than survive? What if we Live Life to a T, and CHOOSE to Thrive, even in spite of our circumstances?

In a fun and interactive presentation, Amber helps us recognize the survival mentality, and offers simple yet meaningful ways to move from surviving to thriving. Based on her experience as a school board member, trainer, and especially the mother of four children, Amber delivers a witty and engaging program that will entertain as it informs. You won’t want to miss this dynamic event!

Leadership Development Workshops
Ideal For Smaller Groups or Breakout Sessions!

It’s Not All About Me? But I’m the Leader!

We’re all familiar with the childhood game, Follow the Leader. Someone (usually the most popular, or spoiled, or demanding kid) was declared the “leader” and everyone obediently followed along, copying the leader’s actions. Today’s “followers” are smarter, savvier, and more demanding. Whatever your role, you can benefit from looking at leadership not as a “right,” but as a privilege to be earned.

Watch Out for Rocks! Protecting Your Team in Times of Transition

Do you have new employees, new board members, or just new challenges? Times of uncertainty can wreak havoc on even the most high-performing teams. Factor in change of personnel or transition of operations, and you might feel like a shipwreck is imminent. Instead, learn how to navigate the sometimes hostile waters of change without wanting to jump ship.

Putting the “Aye” in T.E.A.M.

Establishing and preserving a harmonious environment is a key component of positive team interaction. In every situation, however, differing opinions and personalities can serve to distance the team members and even cause overt conflict. This session challenges employees and volunteers alike to embrace differences, value divergent opinions, and capitalize on the sum of the collective attributes of their T.E.A.M.

Team Building

Constructing a firm foundation and continuing to foster strong relationships are essential for teams in today’s fast-paced environment. Amber Fulton and Associates can assist your team with developing and refining a Vision or Mission statement, setting meaningful and achievable goals, identifying successful strategies to meet those goals, and establishing milestones for monitoring progress.

  •   •   Newly formed teams (or those with new members) will benefit from getting to know their teammates in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

      •   Teams facing the challenge of transition or change will develop a new appreciation for their fellow members, and discover how to utilize each other’s strengths during times of uncertainty.

      •   Even seasoned teams can advance to a new level of camaraderie by participating in activities and exercises designed to further the team relationship.

  • In order to ensure an experience that is ideal for your team, sessions can be custom-designed to meet your exact specifications. We will invest in your experience by advance contact with key participants to clarify expectations and desired outcomes. The result will be a session that is truly tailored to your collaborative requirements.

  • Session times are variable and based on the methods recommended to achieve satisfactory results.

Conflict Resolution

A firm foundation may prevent conflict from appearing, but should a situation arise that becomes difficult to handle internally, mediation sessions may be the answer. A mediator is a neutral third-party concerned only with aiding participants in reaching a solution that is amenable to everyone. Contrary to what we have been socialized to believe, there really are “win–win” solutions to seemingly impossible situations. Conflicting parties may participate in a safe and confidential session to address their concerns, and ideally to resolve the issues once and for all.

In most routine situations, results can be achieved in a single, half-day session. For more complex situations, or those involving multiple groups or issues, full–day sessions may be required.

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Keynote Address

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Team Building Workshop

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Conflict Resolution Workshop

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